Coms149 - Multimedia Authoring

Spring 2010

Communicating with computers is the main emphasis of this course. While it is possible to rely only on cutting edge technology to dazzle audiences, using cutting edge technology by itself has never been proven to be the best way to convey a message. Our focus is communication. Throughout the semester you will be confronted with the specific issues that affect the way we communicate using digital media ranging from interface design and information design to navigation design and usability.

Click here to watch a compilation of the video lessons produced by Dr. Bonilla for this course

Click here to experience a selection of my students projects.
The topics, as you will see, are very varied.

Very important course for students in new media, digital video, graphic design, and journalism and a great course for any other major who wants to learn interactive multimedia.

For this course you don't need to know programming, but you will be required to learn basic programming instructions to make your projects interactive and beautifully animated. The course demands engaged students but it does deliver a steep learning curve. Mediocre engagement leads more often than not to unsatisfactory learning experiences.

Class Locations

The course will take place simultaneously in a computer laboratory in Mendocino Hall (only 23 computers available)
and in a virtual environment that students can access remotely.

Benefits of taking the class in Mendocino Hall
You don't need to own a computer
You don't need to buy Adobe Director ($300)
You meet your peers in person.
Benefits of taking the class in a virtual environment
You don't share your computer.
You buy Adobe Director ($300, but its worth very dollar.)
As long as you have broadband, you have the convenience of determining where you take the class.

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